WIMPS: Suitcase: LP

Jan 13, 2016

This reminds me of the early-’90s wave of punk and punk-related bands, when being a punk band could just mean being a sloppy pop band with a loud guitar. I’m going to go ahead and pull the “music critic dick move” of comparing them to prominent labelmates Bikini Kill, but with a bit more twee and power pop to it. As a whole, the album is damn good, even if every song isn’t a winner. There’s variety, there’s dirt and grime—hell, there’s charm! Listen to those “ooooo-WHIP”s on “Modern Communication” and tell me you didn’t feel a joy of youthful exuberance. The kind of thing you would have done in high school if you had the talent for it. Grade: A-. 

 –Bryan Static (Kill Rock Stars, killrockstars.com)

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