WILLOWZ, THE: Willowz with a Z Live: CD

Dec 01, 2009

The band’s initial flash-frozen 1981-in-twenty-aught-three Posh Boy single lathered me up pretty right and proper; this follow-up live CD (recorded on the air at KUCI in Irvine CA, if that means anything to you [means nothin’ ta me]) is essentially a push: I win because it is, indeed, more Willowz material for me to ponder, muse upon, and vivisect; I lose because a live-at-the-radio-station CD is not what i want. What i WANT is a five-or-six-song studio 12” that i can compare, contrast, lump in and otherwise quarantine with my Stepmothers, T.S.O.L., Red Cross and MAYBE China White five-or-six song studio 12”s – preferably in a die-cut jacket that’s in homage to those red, yellow, green and purple generic Posh Boy 12” dealies of twenty-some years ago. GO BACK AND BRING ME WHAT I WANT OR I WILL CEASE THINKING DEEPLY ABOUT YOUR BAND. Thank you. BEST SONG: Still “That Willowz Feelin’” BEST SONG TITLE: Well, since the song called “Revolution” is neither the Beatles nor Toxic Reasons song of the same name, i’ll go with “Equation No. 6” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Recorded in stereo.

 –norb (Art Monkey)