WILLOWZ, THE: That Willowz Feelin: CD single

Jul 09, 2009

The amazing thing about this being the first release on the legendary/infamous Posh Boy Records in frickin' ages is that you'd swear – you’d fucking SWEAR! – that Robbie Fields marched these guys into some cryogenic chamber at gunpoint twenty years ago (hey, from what i've heard of the guy, i wouldn't put it past him) and put 'em on ice for two decades, just to unleash them when the world least expected it (sort of like how when you're a kid, you always try to stash a snowball in the freezer in March, figuring in the middle of July you're gonna come out and blast the neighbor kid with it – except your Mom always throws the snowball away by mid-April). I mean, if somebody told you this was recorded in 1979 or 1980 – or on the "good" side of the one Rodney on the ROQ album you never got around to buying – there would be no overt cause for doubt on your part. It's on Rodney On The ROQ Volume Four! It's on Posh Hits Volume Two! Virtually every stylistic idiosyncrasy i associate with classic Posh Boy – the robo-twist beat (kick, snare-snare, kick, snare!) of the Red Cross EP, the nasal vocals and somewhat cleanish guitars of the Simpletones, occasionally the lyrical meter of The Crowd, etc., etc. – all twisted up in some manner of latter-day Franken-Posh French Braid O' Vintage '79/'80 LA Punk-Pop that screams out for the classic peach-colored label and the generic purple/yellow/green/red "PARTY!" die-cut 12" jackets ca. 1980! I listen to this too long and start thinking i'm late for Drivers' Ed or something! B-side, such as it is, sounds like a mildly more contemporary reworking of the central thesis to the Real Kids' "Up Is Up," but maybe if the lead vocalist was in one of the earlier Rip Off Records bands and his original impetus to start singing was Kepi of the Groovie Ghoulies. It grieves me to say this, but here goes: Posh Boy 1, 21st Century 0. BEST SONG: "That Willowz Feelin'" BEST SONG TITLE: "Think Again" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Songs are published by Covina High Music, for added stimulation!

 –norb (Posh Boy)