WILLOWZ, THE: Talk in Circles: CD

Jul 22, 2006

This band has swiftly devolved to the point where they're at their best when trying to either sound like a) a thrift store version of the second side of the first Television album, or b) some sort of high school biology experiment embarked upon with the aim of finding out what Redd Kross would've sounded like had they been remiss any particularly good songs. The Jefferson Airplane-ish psychedelic she-mumblings, the quasi-free-jazz-improvisationings, the neo-White-Stripe-White-Stripings? Uh, no. Please. No. No more. I can't even think of a funny way to say this. Please stop. Thanks. BEST SONG: "Ulcer Soul," maybe. BEST SONG TITLE: "Linear Communication," although i'm really starting to lean towards "We Can Die Now" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I'd like to thank the Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals baseball clubs, for it was the radio broadcast of your May 16th, 2005 game that made my stopping listening to this CD possible.

 –norb (Sympathy)

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