WILLOWZ: self-titled: CD

Jun 05, 2008

As might have been apparent over the course of the last few issues, i was, for a time, more or less completely obsessed with this band and their almost unfathomable ability to sound like The Great Lost 1981 Posh Boy™ Records band. I found myself breaking the contents of their first single down into a host of brief, intra-song sonic events, and running a mental Google™ search on each tiny song fragment, in the attempts to ID the origin of every beat pattern, every chord progression, every note and sonic idiosyncrasy that transported me back to, i dunno, junior year of high school or whatever, when me and my posse (of two) would sit around my parents’ living room after school, spinning whatever mysterious new 45s i had mailordered that week and reading Flipside, occasionally consulting a road atlas to find out where exotic-sounding places like “Upland” and “Cerritos” were. Buuuuuttt... just like with all those bands whose singles we dug in 1981, the at-least-somewhat awaited album, as always, fails to meet the (admittedly lofty) expectations projected upon it by myself, the consumer (who, naturally, is always a bit disappointed when he doesn’t hit his best-case-scenario projection of an album composed of about twelve a-sides) (and one cool cover). The “a-side” of the album (or diskly equivalent) is still pretty cool, like some manner of Red(d) C(K)ross Xerox™ from an era of the band that never actually existed; the “b-side” gets flat-out weird with a ballad seemingly crooned with three guitar picks under the singer’s tongue, a female-bassist-sung slop-fest, a pysch-out number not terribly unlike The Craig’s “I Must Be Mad,” and “End Song,” the dumbest album-ending “Gloria” rip-off since “Seven Toes.” I dunno. I guess we can still go out, but i’m not stalking you any more. BEST SONG: “Meet Your Demise” BEST SONG TITLE: I used to like “Equation #6,” but now i think i like “Meet Your Demise.” It’s so much more swashbuckling. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Special Thanks: Robbie Fields, Andre Duguay, Madeline Follin McKenna, and the Willowz Street Team! 

 –norb (Dionysus)