WILLIS 45: Mutiny: CD

Feb 15, 2007

Dear Aaron,

Received you CD for review. Damned relieved to hear some good, energetic punk rock. Immediately liked your gritty vocals (“BWWUUUGH!!!”) and a visit to your myspace page confirms my suspicion (from the lack of collaborators listed on your CD) that you are a one-man band. (Backup vocals too? Nice). I have to tell you that the sound gets a bit muddled in places (“Trouble”), but considering the fact that you play each instrument with speed and flair—and that you do it all yourself—I’m still impressed. If you do someday expand into a full-fledged band, I hope you retain your position as bass-player and singer (the freshest aspects of your music) and that the rest of the band can keep up with your frenetic energy.

Yours truly,

 –susan (WILLIS 45)