Will You Still Love Me if I Wet the Bed?: by Liz Prince, 71 pgs. By Megan Pants

Dec 04, 2006

I started flipping through this before sitting down to read it and was instantly reminded of Jeffrey Brown, who did Be a Man, among many other comics. Then, when I started reading from the start, there was an introductory comic by Brown. Good sign for me. It’s a collection of quick snapshots into Liz’s relationship with her boyfriend, Kevin. This could easily dive into clichés, or only focus on the big expressions of love, but it steers clear of both which lets it be relatable and not at all trite. It’s hard to describe it as anything but cute. Prince shares all the things that most people overlook in a relationship, which are actually the areas that create the most joy. The in jokes, the things done in boredom, the things done in sleep. One of my favorite strips is when Kevin is on tour and they’re on the phone. The dialogue goes: Liz: “I don’t want to wait 20 more days to snuggle.” Kevin: “I’m sorry.” Liz: “Can we phone snuggle?” Kevin: “Yes.” Liz: “Ok. We’re snuggling and our feet are holding hands.” Kevin: “I love it when our feet hold hands!” It’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever and can even make a bitter and jaded jerk like me think for a few minutes that being in love wouldn’t be so bad. Gross. –Megan (Top Shelf Productions, PO Box 1282, Marietta, GA 30061-1282)