WILDHONEY: Sleep Through It: LP

Shoegaze is a slippery slope. The vocals are meant to bleed into the crashing waves of fuzzed-out guitars. The hope is to create a unified melody that is both haunting and texturally rich. However, many bands meander and drift into reverb-saturated noise that leaves you staring at the inside of your eyelids. Wildhoney has swirling guitars and sedated female vocals (read: Lush), but forgoes indulgence in exchange for pithy songwriting. Sadly, there are few pop gems. I was really hoping to fall into this record. I wanted these songs to follow me around, but I only recall “Owe You Nothing” and “Boys from Out of Town” because of their twee pop uptempo. Although Wildhoney have refined the sonic aesthetic of dream pop and shoegaze, they have stumbled into the pitfall of monotony. 

 –Sean Arenas (Deranged, derangedrecords.com)