Jan 24, 2008

First off, lemme start by saying that as a rule I’m not too fond of cover bands, especially punk cover bands. Exceptions exist, of course, but on the whole, I don’t really understand why anyone would spend so much time perfecting the performance of someone else’s songs instead of coming up with your own. To me it shows a serious lack of creativity, you know? That said—and I know I’m contradicting myself, so shut up—I like Wild Weekend. Sure, the vocals could be delivered with a little more oomph, but on the whole, they ain’t too bad at covering Zeros “hits,” like “Cosmetic Couple,” “Wimp,” and “Handgrenade Heart,” to name a few. Would I prefer to hear what they come up with on their own based on said Zeros influence? Yeah, but hearing a worthy band put “Don’t Push Me Around” to good use ain’t exactly a bad thing.

 –jimmy (www.myspace.com/wildweekend07)