WILD THING: Age Difference: EP

Nov 30, 2010

Well, well, well... a punk band from San Francisco that is actually worth a shit. Not that Los Angeles can boast anything of the sort, because this city is certainly in the dumper when it comes to punk bands these days. I may be jaded, but I’m no fool. I just happen to know good from bad, substance from hype. Wild Thing are definitely drinking from the well of punk rock past, but they do it well, and it sounds legit, and not some “phone it in and let’s get out of here” type deal. The guitars have a jangly sound, the drums sound like they were recording on phone books (a plus when it comes to bands like this), and the vocals are a bit snotty, but not overdone. It’s like the singer (Brace from Warkrime) knows he can’t really sing, but it’s not like he gives a shit in the first place. It works here. “(Now I Wanna Die in a) Nuclear War” is the most manic of the three, while the title track and “I’m Smoking (Leave Me Alone)” are mid tempo and catchy. Record buyer, proceed accordingly.

 –M.Avrg (Daggerman, daggermanrecords.com)