This unique split of folk punk tunes and a mini-zine, to boot, has quickly made it into my regular rotation. The Wild, a five piece band out of Atlanta, builds their variety of folk punk with harmonica, tambourine, banjo, and galloping drums. Less backwoods than country dirt road, their two-song contribution has left their Dylan-style ballads at home and wrangled up some knee-slappin’, toe-tappin’ jams. “Street Names” and “To Be Content” challenge us to realize our potential with sing-along choruses, like, “We are the ones we’re waiting for; this is the here and now.” On the flip side, Run, Forever is a trio out of Pittsburgh, PA offering up two power punk tracks, “Silver Screens” and “Young Pioneers.” The former kicks things off with a rockabilly, garage-type hook, while the latter brings up some Jawbreaker harmonies. Run, Forever hits on those things we have trouble letting go of and maintaining that positive DIY attitude in the face of adversity. To top things off, in classic cut and paste fashion, the zine consists of photos, lyrics from both bands, pieces on twenty-one-and-over shows, and safety in punk collectives. Impressive work, both musically and literarily. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Solidarity, solidarityrecordings.com)