WILD, THE: A Collection: CD

This is an odds and sods compilation of the Atlanta folk punk band. A Collection is a pretty decent companion to the group’s full length from last year. Like most folk punk, The Wild plies its trade in very earnest, nigh-on-naïve “back to the land/nature/the people” style politics delivered with acoustic instruments and raggedy male/female vocals, and they do it well (i.e. not annoying, like Ghost Mice). On the spectrum, they’re a little more polished than Rosa but a bit less intricate in their instrumentation than Defiance, OH. This collection of EP and one-off tracks sounds consistent (with the exception of a live track towards the end) and the songs flow together, which is all one can really ask from these type of compilations. If there are any major weakness, it’s that after fourteen songs, things get a little samey-sounding. For anyone needing a fix of Plan-It-X style rock in their lives, this really would not be a bad place to start with these guys.

 –Adrian Salas (Asian Man / Quote/Unquote)