WILD MOTH: Inhibitor: LP

Jan 13, 2016

The Wild Moth boys have one of the cleanest aesthetics in punk. My eyes feast on everything they put out. It’s a bonus that this is their best release to date. The guitars are dense and chuggy, Cal’s drums attack, and the bass blends into the ocean of fuzz. Nothing feels sedated or meandering. Austin’s vocals are the most confident they’ve ever been, sometimes veering into Stephen Malkmus territory of talk-singing. Wild Moth are less ambient and more focused on crafting tightly wound post-punk ragers. “Gallery of Walls” is a hardcore-tinged blitz that resembles The Proletariat. “You Found Out” is an epic closer with enough noise and power chords to overload your ear drums. “Traces” is my favorite tune, though, because of its haunting riffs, fast tempo, and restrained—but aggressive—vocal delivery. For all of the good, it’s a shame that there are two throw-away instrumentals (“Silver” and “V”) that reduce the LP to only eight songs. I’m just bitter because I want more.

 –Sean Arenas (Iron Pier, ironpier.net)

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