WILD BILLY CHILDISH AND CTMF: Punk Rock Enough for Me” b/w “Zero Emission”:: 7”

On his latest single, Billy Childish stays true to the lo-fi garage aesthetic he’s been rocking since the ‘70s in all those Thee bands. This 7” features two straightforward, plodding new tracks. On the first, Childish rattles off a few dozen things that are punk rock enough for him over three chords. So there’s that, if you’re interested. For the second, his wife Julie takes over lead vocals, which lends a more straight-up ‘77 punk feel to the whole affair. Billy Childish has more than established his sound by now, so the odds are you know what you’re getting when you pick this up. By the way, Damaged Goods is what all your records are gonna be if y’all can’t throw in a dang paper sleeve.

 –Indiana Laub (Damaged Goods, [email protected], damagedgoods.co.uk)