WIFE BEATERS, THE: The Beat Goes On!: CD

Jun 06, 2014

I can’t imagine that the Wife Beaters didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they chose their band name. It certainly started an internal conversation on my part about what it was that so thoroughly disgusted me about the name and the whole “punk as controversy” aesthetic. The whole mindset ultimately equates to undue attention for uncreative decision making. It’s easy to be crass without a purpose. There’s no grand subtext to the Wife Beaters persona, or any value in its aggressive “Come at me” nature. If the Wife Beaters didn’t have an offensive name and atmosphere there wouldn’t be much to note about them. The music is generic Ramones/Social Distortion sound-a-likes. It’s very clear that the Wife Beaters don’t give a shit what I think or what anybody thinks. Well, great, because this album is shit and you should all feel bad about the decisions that got you to play in a band called The Wife Beaters. Grade: F. 

 –Bryan Static (Self-released, thewifebeaters.co.uk)