There isn’t anything discernibly bad about Wide Angles except that they’re not particularly discernible. If faced with the challenge of picking them out of a police lineup, I would be hard-pressed to distinguish them from other gruff pop punk stalwarts like Iron Chic, Dan Padilla, Tiltwheel, or Banner Pilot. It’s the type of sound that’s synonymous with PBR, the smell of stale cigarettes, and self-loathing. These are stereotypes that I’m sure Wide Angles deplore, but unfortunately, their brand of anthemic punk begs the comparisons. Here’s a band that would be awash in The Fest lineup. Sure, I might just be scratching the surface of what Wide Angles is truly offering, but sometimes, surface features are too thick to get past. 

 –Sean Arenas (Dead Broke, [email protected] / Dirt Cult, dirtcultrecords.com, [email protected])