This is the second full length by Texas’s Wiccans. While their first LP was straight forward with the hardcore punches to the cranium, this time around the songs contain a lot more influence from genres outside of the typical Negative Approach school of reckless aggression. I’m hearing some garage rock, metal, and just a dash of psychedelic rock (more like 13th Floor Elevators and not Jefferson Airplane). There’s some substantial melody in the guitar, which is not very common when viewed through the hardcore punk lens. The unifying quality of all these songs on this album is the desire you’re left with for repeated listens, making this one of those albums you really need to sink your teeth into. I’ve seen show flyers of theirs where they play alongside a mixed bag of bands from varying genres including Forward, Terrible Feelings, Sin Orden, Lightning Bolt, and the Mind Spiders, which makes me appreciate the fact that they don’t limit themselves to perform for just one kind of an audience. I’m down with what you’re about, Wiccans.

 –Juan Espinosa (Katorga Works)