WHY THE WIRES: All These Dead Astronauts: LP

Jan 21, 2013

New York’s all right if you like saxophones! Why The Wires, from Ithaca, N.Y., utilize the sax, accordion, and other non-traditional “rock” instrumentation in a wild melding of mathy rock tunes with off-kilter rhythms. The more math instrumental parts of this record remind me a lot of the ‘90s math rock band from Texas, Paul Newman. Other parts remind me of Sweep The Leg Johnny (especially when the sax comes out). There are not a large amount of vocals on this record, but, vocally, I hear a similarity to The Constantines, especially with the tendency to deliver the vocals in a spoken-sung style during the most sparse parts of these songs. The mix of these styles works most of the time, creating an enjoyable, full LP of tunes harkening back to late-‘90s indie rock.

 –Mark Twistworthy (Rorschach, [email protected])

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