Jul 13, 2006

Having owned records by this Seattle crust punk band for over a decade, and having them sit unplayed in my 7” bins for nearly as long, I wasn’t exactly ripping my shorts off in excitement when I got this one. It’s quite possible that this was just sent to the wrong dude—the Profane people are probably crapping themselves over it. WOR played fast crust punk with female vocals ala Provoked, Disrespect, etc., with all the requisite thrash parts and A-B-A-B rhyme schemes. Unfortunately for the WOR folks, crust is synonymous with hip hop to me—filtered through my ears, ninety-five percent of it sounds exactly the same. It’s never been a genre that’s excited me enough to really explore. That said, I’m sure fans of the band will be totally stoked to have all the records gathered together in one format. There’s plenty of reproduced record covers, flyers and lyrics included; only real thing missing is a discography listing, what songs appeared where. So that’s about it—wasn’t my bag at all, but definitely a great document for a band that was productive for a long time.

 –keith (Inimical/Un-Yelliman)