Who Cares: The Duane Peters Story: DVD

Apr 05, 2006

There are probably hundreds of “famous” people out there who have no business having a documentary made about them. Other than being “famous,” they really have nothing interesting in their lives. Duane Peters is not one of those people. I doubt I have to explain who DP is to any Razorcake readers out there, but to sum him up quickly, he is Punk Incarnate. Period. Pro skater to pro junkie, Duane has seen it all and managed to survive to tell the tale…. Well, him and a who’s who of the skateboard and punk rock world. The film looks great: melding the classic skate and gig footage with the interviews. All style. Having that smooth talker Mofo narrate can’t hurt either. While all the interviewees have an abundance of stories about Peters, it’s his mother who steals the show. To quote her: “I bet you didn’t think Duane had a mother.” From the punk kid shaving kids’ heads at the skateparks in the ‘70s to the man skating down the streets with his kid on his shoulders today, Duane Peters has lived an extraordinary life and I’m glad we finally get to see him for what he is: a true American legend. –Ty Stranglehold (Black Label Pictures, www.blacklabelskates.com)