WHITE WIRES, THE: Self-titled: LP

Apr 27, 2009

I threw the needle on this record and the first thing I did was do a double take on the pitch knob. Something wasn’t right about this garage rock, ‘60s throwback album. The guitar was out of tune. But this was the White Wire’s unique twist on original and catchy surf riffs. Somewhere lost in the eerie vocal reverb, pitchy guitar parts, and sugar sweet power pop this band, named after iPod headphone wires had me falling for sock-hoppy tunes done with playful distinction. They mesh the lo-fi aesthetic of the Mummies with a more focused idea on how their resources affect their sound. Sing-a-longs such as the album’s “Ha Ha Holiday” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” have me spinning these nine tracks over and over again. –N.L. Dewart

 –guest (Going Gaga, myspace.com/goinggagarecords)