Sep 19, 2013

For someone who loves food dearly, I am not able to pull from the top of my head a nice wine/food pairing (including specificities), and I feel like googling one would be disingenuous. However, I can say that these two bands pair well, whether they were curated by a sommelier of music or just came together as friends, I truly enjoyed the rich notes of heavy shoegaze, paired with the languishing, conspiratorial, surreal vocals. There was a metallic flavor of noise that left a mark on my eardrums that the hook-filled choruses were quick to amend. Falling somewhere between later Mission Of Burma and My Bloody Valentine, both bands manage to create from a rich sonic palette. White Walls (Cream reference? Definitely has some of the desperateness of that song) lean towards the noisier instrumental (though there are vocals) end of the spectrum, while Deep Heat utilize the throbbing music as a bed upon which to rest the vocals. It all worked for me. Looking forward to more!

 –norb (Poison City, [email protected], poisoncityrecords.com)