Feb 05, 2009

Back in late March, yours truly received a kick-in-the-ass-typa surprise when I got to catch the White Trash Debutantes gigging with Hollywood Hate, and let me tell you, Mr. Smartypants, I was pleasantly surprised to see them upgrade to the next level of rocking a crowd’s ass off with their current lineup. The last time I had seen this outfit was three years ago, and all I can say is that this version of the group that Ginger Coyote has rounded up now is more than enough reason to go see them. And this CD is the old-fashioned rock and roll that fries you alive, like a two-year-old sticking the end of his unraveled Slinky into a power outlet. With a smashing rhythm section and roaring chords of guitars, the Debs crush and crunch their way full-throttle through this disc, complete with the hot-cha-cha added singing of Tonia Bodley, who sexily shakes and shimmies like a lovely lost soul grooving through go-go purgatory. Any real fan of rock and fucking roll (to coin brotherman Big Marty’s phrase and label) should get in contact with the Debs and get their wet and nasty hands on a copy of this here disc. It's got thirty-one trashy tracks to push the limits of your creepy, derelict Daddy’s speakers with, including a WayneCounty cover that your Mom can take to her next candle party and start a sing-a-long with. What she does with the candles is her own business. Viva Ginger and the Debs!

 –dale (White Trash Debutantes)

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