WHITE STRIPES: White Blood Cells: CD

I haven’t had a favorite band in a long time, but gosh darnit, this band takes the cake (razorcake that is…). Ever since I watched Meg White pounding on those drums, my heartbeats became just as strong, and I’ve never seen a guitar come alive the way it does while Jack White strums his strong fingers across every inch of its neck. Not to mention all the above-mentioned is achieved while wearing very constricting (and revealing) clothing. If you are familiar with the White Stripes, then you will come to recognize this album as the perfect blend of their first self-titled album (This album is heavy guitar fuzz playing some rockin’ blues) and their second, “De Stijl” (A softer record containing more ballads and acoustic guitar). My favorite song is “Fell in Love with a Girl.” Its catchy chorus and steady rhythm make me wanna get up and dance. This extremely talented (and sexy) duo deserve all the attention they have attracted.

 –guest (Sympathy)