WHITE REAPER: Self-titled: 7”

May 30, 2014

This album is catchy as hell. The A-side starts off with some quick drums and a quick sliding riff. It’s definitely poppy, but it doesn’t sound like everyone else; the sliding vocals over top the fuzzy guitar and bass make for an energy that I don’t hear too often. It has a uniqueness to it that at least I haven’t heard. The guitars and bass are noisy with nothing but high end. What really stood out about this album was the singing. The way the vocals slide around is awesome. I don’t hear too many bands do it, and even fewer bands do it well, but White Reaper does a great job. I had the song on the A-side stuck in my head for a good few days. The flip side is just as good as the first. The recording is fuzzy as hell, and while nothing groundbreaking, this is an awesome album that has just the right amount of pop in a noisy, fuzzy setting. 

 –James Meier (Earthbound, earthboundrecords.bigcartel.com, [email protected])