WHITE OUTS: Solid State b/w Coffin Nails: 7”

Aug 27, 2009

How the Motards could be the tightest sloppy band on the planet and make mumbling and gurgling almost poetic, the White Outs hold the same charm, although it’s more on the heels instead of hanging from the rafters. Fuzzed-out guitars, Goodwill budget rock that’s far from sterilized and has that worn-at-the-elbows charm. The A-side, “Solid State” is the keeper. It’s a great split personality song that almost seems like two. It gains momentum, stops, pauses, then introduces what sounds like a well-tuned Fisher Price organ (but could be anything), then collects itself at the end. Neat. The B-side’s a mite repetitious and sows the fields of the not-so-triumphant parts of the Seeds catalog.

 –todd (Shit Sandwich)