WHITE ORANGE: Self-titled: CD

Sep 26, 2011

The hippie-dippy cover art and the “RIYL” sticker on the back point in the direction of stoner rock, and I can totally see where they might fit into that pigeonhole, what with the loud geetars and sludgy tempos. I do think it might be a bit of an uneasy fit, though, ‘cause based on the songs presented here, they’ve also got a knack for marrying hypnotic chord progressions to some occasionally potent pop hooks. The resulting songs sometimes sound more along the lines of a noise rock band shoving their inner pop darlings through a very rough sieve. Dunno if the pot-addled Sabbath freaks’ll find this to their liking, but they do have the seeds of something potentially interesting going on here.

 –jimmy (Made in China)