WHITE NIGHT: Self-titled: 10”

Jan 22, 2011

Dysfunctional and productive: the two most activated features of White Night/Small Pool. They may lose their singer in a drunken maelstrom of events, but hey, they still set up the show and got people to show up. Anyways, he was hungry. I’m never too sure about their discography or lineup, but whenever they play or I come across a new record, it’s always great. They started with a formula and have steadily been distorting it with their own bizarreness to a point where it’s pretty fucking original and still possesses everything that was once awesome about it. So why care about what Screeching Weasel “classic” is being remastered this month, when you can care about what living room White Night is tearing up?

 –Daryl Gussin (No Breaks)