WHITE NIGHT: Self-titled: Cassette

Apr 27, 2009

White Night play the pop punk that make me feel like a freshman in high school all over again. Fast, basic, tight, rad. The recording quality on the cassette isn’t as great as the digital versions I’ve heard, but hearing it on tape just kicks up the nostalgia another notch. It makes me want to pogo at the old Soma on Moreno Boulevardand be fifteen again. I was surprised to see this was recorded in Vista, Ca. I lived there briefly, in order to graduate after being expelled from the San DiegoHighSchool District, and I’ve never been to a more boring town in my life. I’m glad to know something rad happened there besides me buying my first Sonic Youth album. These are some great jams that make me want to bust out my skateboard and maybe find my old wallet chain  –Rene Navarro (Burger)