WHITE NIGHT: Prophets of Templum CDXX: LP

Sep 19, 2013

Driving an hour or three for a show is unfortunately reality in the South. It also prevents a lazy person from catching some great performances. So I was determined to not miss Pedro kings White Night tour through Alabama. The show was a blast in Huntsville and I got to walk away with the new LP. Live, the band still pushes the scrappy punk sound of the first LP and 10”, but Prophets of Templum CDXX veers closer to Burger ‘60s psyche territory, especially with the keyboard pushed as high as the guitars in the mix. Not always my cup’o’magic mushroom tea, but there’s still enough feistiness and fun in these tunes to warrant many a spin on sweaty summer days, dreaming about toobin’ your local spot.

 –Matt Seward (Recess, recessrecords.com / 45 R.P.M., calimucho.net)