Sep 11, 2012

What’s up, Canada? I guess being so far away from stuff in the “real” world, you just make up your own shit right? I first heard these gals (and token dude) back on the Emergency Broadcast Vancouver comp and they were cool an’ all, but I guess I snoozed on their next few records cos this LP is a banger—a crazy mix of ‘90s-era K rock stuff like Slant 6, Sleater Kinney, or even some of my fave gal-fronted bands from the U.K. like Joyce Mckinney Experience, but with a fierce hardcore backbone and almost Ginn-esque lead breaks. I can’t stand artsy off-key shit, so trust me, this shit works. It’s hard as a bag of hammers, but these cats have kept the hooks way up front and the song lengths at a breathy two minutes that works just fine for old fucks like me with goldfish-like attention spans. First listen grabs you by the neck and chokes you out, but further listens peel back more than the initial attack with complicated song structures and melodies. This recording kills and is as good as anything I’ve heard this year. Way to start my Razorcake review career. Boss. v

 –guest (Deranged)

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