WHITE LUNG: Local Garbage: 7” EP

Jan 07, 2008

These Canadian ladies know exactly what they’re doing: taking all that great proto-wave, punk-before-mass-herding, punk-before-“disco ain’t so bad!”, before-the-fall tracks of Wire (Pink Flag), Gang Of Four (Entertainment!), and The Avengers (Self-titled), picked up a Kathleen Hannah cabinet and microphone along the way (circa Reject All American), leapt over the last decade while steering clear of any pop punk or rock’n’roll, and reconfigured the pieces to an old jigsaw with no missing pieces. That’s much harder than it sounds, and I’m enjoying this 7” quite a bit. Nice surprise. (And if you haven’t heard the albums in parenthesis in this review, all are highly recommended listening.)

 –todd (Hockey Dad)