WHITE LOAD: Self-titled: one-sided 7”

Jan 14, 2010

The sparse packaging of this 7” was the first thing that caught my eye: photocopied (or computer-printed) cover and dust sleeve. Then I took note of the staples adhering the inner dust sleeve to cover, which were preventing me from slipping the disc out. Definite points for the sparse packaging, but a slight deduction for the staples. That angered me a bit, but what I felt pales in comparison to what they had pent up to put on this slab. As I sometimes do, I played this at the wrong speed (33 1/3 instead of 45 this time) for a bit before realizing that this wasn’t rad hardcore just slowed down. It turns out that this is rad hardcore played pretty fast. It also turns out that White Load is constituted of just three dudes: one on drums, one on guitar, another on vocals, and nobody on bass; and there doesn’t need to be. The vocals are low in the mix, but, faint as they are, you can still hear dude’s overwrought screams fill the record with his frustration. Combine that with frenzy of the guitar and the pounding of the drums, and you’ve got yourself some one hell of a record. This whole thing sounds like it was born out of boredom and frustration, two killer ingredients for good hardcore punk. I didn’t get a lyric sheet, but I’m sure that they aren’t singing about sunshine and smiles. One of the three songs is called “No Exit,” which I am betting is a Sartre reference. And if you’re referencing No Exit, then I doubt your life is all thumbs up and good times. Totally recommended, especially for those who want some frantic shit.

 –Vincent (Leather Bar)