Nov 30, 2010

I feel like a complete dildo for passing up their debut EP when it came through here a while back. I found it sandwiched in with a bunch of garage and pop punk records. So, being the nub I can be, I thought these guys were more of the same. Fucking hell, was I completely wrong. I need to stop being a nub, really. White Load are A-fucking-one prime hardcore with a raw and trashy approach. Providence, RI must be proud of these fellers. I would be. You get three quick and scalding blasts of music here that separates the lifers from the part timers. The title track is thrashy and trashy, stop/go and chaotic. The levels are certainly in the red on this recording. Distortion permeates every thing. The second side is the same: distortion, blown out with white noise swirling in the current. The singer sounds like he’s had a few days of no sleep, stuck in a hot box, and the lights are always on. Unhinged and falling into the abyss. There are only three hundred of these records on the planet. I suggest you get one as soon as humanly possible. I’m taking mine to the grave.

 –M.Avrg (Ken 75, [email protected])