WHITE GUILT: Self-titled: LP

Mar 29, 2011

Incredibly noisy hardcore that verges on being straight-up white noise at various times throughout the record. This makes all the noisy crust bands and lo-fi thrash bands sound tame in comparison. Think of a more misanthropic Drunks With Guns crossed with early Disorder and Larm. The guitar is nothing but full-on distortion and feedback. It’s like scratching sandpaper on the pavement and putting a contact mike on it. You can hear the bass in the din, and the drums give the songs a structure. The lyrics, which I really like, are remorseless and bleak in their outlook on the world around them. The sort of stuff you think and feel in those dark moments. The song with the most structure is “Race and Nation,” which opens the record, but as it—and the songs that follow—continue, everything deconstructs into a noisier and noisier affair. The only peaceful moment comes at the end of “Comatose.” I like the opening blasts of hellish noise on “Born a Victim/Born Ashamed.” It sounds like hell is about to come down hard and wreck your fuckin’ life. It’s a slower more mid paced song, and, as a result, has a more ominous tone. If you like the recent Timebombs, and bands of that nature, you’ll definitely like this. I’m hoping there are more records planned, and they come out to California soon.

 –M.Avrg (Video Disease, videodisease.com)

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