WHITE FLAG: T is for 20: LP

Jul 17, 2009

Ever like a band a lot, but just never get around to buying anything by them? White Flag has always been such a band for me. With the exception of a copy of S Is for Space I bought twenty years or so ago and assorted comp tracks and, despite liking nearly everything I’ve heard from them, I’ve never owned anything else. Why? Haven’t a clue. Their ability to meld punk aggro with a good dose of humor and a wicked knack for pop hooks is in abundance here on this, a “best of” album spanning twenty years’ worth of releases. According to the liner notes, this vinyl version is mostly comprised of the their “pop punk” tunes, while a CD version is more comprehensive. Although the lack of vinyl trickery in evidence on their first two albums (groove breaks in the middle of the first album force you to manually pick up the needle and move it to the next track; an extra groove on the second album results in a “third” side) was a bit of a disappointment, there ain’t a bad track to be found here and warrants no less than the highest of recommendations. Thanks for the second White Flag release in my collection. I promise to pay closer attention from here on in.

 –jimmy (Soundflat)

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