WHITE FLAG DOWN: Malcontent Killing Machine: CD-R

Nov 30, 2010

White Flag Down? Didn’t I just see a White Flag reunion show? Kidding aside, this corny band of fashion punks and skins from L.A. is precisely what my simpleton ass craves. While most listeners probably will start rolling their eyes at the intro sample from A Clockwork Orange, I got all excited. Reminiscent of mainline street punk in the vein of Lower Class Brats, there’s a well-studied balance of old and new here that gets me giddy. Coop, the singer, is forty and you have to respect him for not giving up on old school punk imagery and style. Plus, his voice is weathered, distinctive, and all around killer. I heartily recommend these guys.

 –Art Ettinger (Safety Pin, myspace.com/13spr13)