May 26, 2008

The cover art on the White Barons side of this 7” is so goddamned stupid I honestly wanted to skip their song and write a piece of wild fiction for their half of the review. It appears they have an image, that of a snarling, large-breasted woman wielding two broken bottles of Jack Daniels menacingly, that they want to foster. Based on the unimaginative, cheese dick cover illustration, I didn’t want to like their song, “Logical Conclusion,” but there is something undeniably catchy and over-the-top about it. I’m on the third listen and it has sunk its rawk-styled, New Bomb Turks hooks deeply into me. Damn it all to hell. The Dead City Rockers song, “I Wanna Be Poor,” is a mid-tempo rocker (how fitting!) that is instantly forgettable. The singer sounds a lot like Joe Strummer and the music is staid and uninspired. Looks like the warning, “This shit will fuck you up!” on their side of the cover was completely unwarranted. 

 –benke (Champagne & Cocaine)