WHITE ASS: Self-titled: LP

Due to dopey band name and peculiar Warehouse: Songs and Stories-esque packaging, I wouldn’t’ve given this record a second glance had I encountered it in the wild, and this would have been to my life’s detriment. These Parisian cellar-dwellers crank out a reverb-demented garage squall of such tangible meatiness that you’ll swear you’re bathing in guitars and as a result your complexion has improved noticeably. I’ve also found that this record cannot possibly be turned down to a volume where it won’t disturb others nearby, if you try it, the record just turns itself back up again. I guess there’s a first time for everything: Earth surrenders to France! BEST SONG: “Fox Around.” BEST SONG TITLE: “C’est la Merde.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This album cover uses the Cooper Black font, which I’ve hated for about thirty-five years. 

 –norb (Frantic City)