Jan 14, 2010

I have been waiting for this record for years. Not a record like this—I mean specifically a Whiskey Trench full-length record. I was worried that this band would fall into obscurity before releasing a wax testament to their greatness, and, thankfully, that’s not the case. Borrowing equally from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s “Gilman sound” and the Asexuals/Nils/Doughboys sound from the band’s hometown of Montreal, Whiskey Trench have been working toward this point for so long, and this LP absolutely does that work justice. Incredible songs, very cool production, heartfelt lyrics, and even a killer, die-cut sleeve. I know that the frequency with which Crimpshrine or Fifteen appear in reviews will render these comparisons somewhat annoying and arouse some suspicion as to their validity, but I assure you that in this case they’re accurate. Hell, throw in some Sweet Baby, Cringer, Green Day, Hi-Fives, early MTX, etc. and you’ll be well on track. Of all of the bands who are shooting for this sound, I think Whiskey Trench have captured that spirit most accurately and sincerely. These songs are just oozing that desperate, youthful-but-not-childish passion that generated the magic that has always surrounded their predecessors. Well worth the wait. Great job, boys.

 –Dave William (Kiss of Death)