Jul 09, 2007

Vocals can make or break a band for me, and I understand it’s completely a matter of taste. I have a hard time listening to bands that have lead singers whose voices sound like a speaker about to rip. Maybe because it’s a sound I attribute to mechanical failure? Dunno. Anyhow, I instantly took a shining to the instruments in Whiskey Sunday’s songs. They’ve got a great balance of being both open and anthemic—creating a big atmosphere—while still pounding a song along with a nice velocity. It’s that type of non-flashy dual work that helps make Leatherface so great. They’re also multi-limb catchy. I’ll catch myself tapping a toe while nodding my head, a sure sign there’s more than something simple and derivative going on. After listening to this ten times, the lead singer’s voice is bothering me less, and I’ve heard instrumental flashes of Pegboy and Hot Water Music. Includes the instantly standout track, “The Laughing Academies,” with Annie of This Is My Fist! belting out the duet vocals.

 –todd (1-2-3-4 Go!)

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