WHISKEY & CO.: Self-titled: CD

Jun 05, 2008

For the past twenty years, pop music with a southern accent has been posing as “country music” and has given country a bad name. Now, here comes Whiskey & Co. to change all that. This album goes back to what I love about country – the remorse of a fucked up life, the pain of the working class, the way a banjo or violin can sound in the hands of someone who knows how to play it, the beauty of an open chord, and that steady, comforting drum beat that thumps along at about the speed of my pulse or the bumps on the road while I’m driving away from the city. My only caveat about this album is that the singer will remind you of a countrified Natalie Merchant. You’ll get over that after a couple of listens, though. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: one of the members of this band used to be in Asshole Parade. Go figure. 

 –sean (No Idea)