WHISKEY & CO.: Leaving the Nightlife: CD

Jul 13, 2006

I used to say bullshit to the idea that “tastes mature,” because it was usually some dickhead in a sweater vest trying to convince me that one day I’d convert over to the Republican party and realize how Rush (take your pick: the dude or the band) “kicks ass.” But, I have to admit, ten years ago, I probably wouldn’t have given Whiskey & Co. much thought. They play stripped-down, old-time country, pretty much. But, in the past ten years, many bad things have befallen me. Many times, the music that I took solace in at one time just wasn’t cutting it. Sometimes you have to whisper back to the world, not yell, to try to find your place in it and, man, Kim Helm’s voice just does that. It’s fiery, redemptive, and dripping sadness in much the same way as Patsy Cline’s (but Kim really does sound like Natalie Merchant), with a group of musicians who sound like they could be playing for a young Merle Haggard (but have played in Asshole Parade). It’s outlaw country punk in the best possible sense: tons of heart, artfully and achingly played, for the disposed and dispossessed. Excellent.

 –todd (No Idea)

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