WHIPS AND FURS: We Are Legs on Wheels: CD

Aug 13, 2009

On the corner of Art Avenue and Rock Street, Whips and Furs haven’t quite figured out which path to take as a band. Instead of inspiring the best out of both genres (For art—early Gang of Four’s a nice way to go. For the rock, I thought they’d of learned some from The Vibrators’ catalog, since they’re named after one of The Vibrators’ songs). It’s a classic torn-at-the-middle dilemma. When it’s about to rock, it often slows for no real good reason. On the converse, it never gets super weird or damaged, so all the art is well within the lines. Although full of promise, this record just comes out as mostly tedious, well-trained, and far too restrained. Kinda like the musical equivalent of Shrinky Dinks version of a classic punk record.

 –todd (Slab O Wax)

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