This came sparse on details. The name of the 7” (which might also be the name of the one track on here) was written across the top of the front cover; the name of the person/group that created/decided record this was on the back. The only bit of clear information was the bit about the record speed. Anyhow, after some quick internetting, I found out that my instincts were wrong: the name of the band is not on the front cover and the track listing is not on the back. Counterintuitive stuff there. Whatever. Also there’s a piece of paper slipped in front of the cover that has a drawing of some cartoonish cowboy on a cartoonish horse or burro. Anyhow, the picture is a slight indication of what is on this disc. Imagine a person who recently started playing guitar trying to play along with the music of a cartoon of a cowboy plodding along through the desert on a horse or burro. Suppose that that person was also trying out some pedals at the same time, to give it a “far out” ambiance. Now suppose that that person decided to record it to a cassette deck for a super lo-fi feel. Finally, imagine that recording put on both sides of a 7” with no other recordings. Depending on your ability to imagine sounds, you might have just played this 7” in your head.

 –Vincent (Green Tape, no address)