WHATEVER IT TAKES: A Fistful of Revolution/Stars & Skulls: CDEP

Aug 27, 2009

According to the inside of the CD, this is a collection combining both A Fistful of Revolution and the Stars and Skulls EP. I gave this a listen and, although it wasn’t my thing, it was interesting and well done. The songs are mostly mid-tempo and melodic and soulful. There were some fast parts and some upbeatness in some songs, too. I don’t think it’s what you would call emo but it is mellow. The last track is mostly an acoustic number with some whistling (whistling is good). This band also has at least one member of Anti- Flag in it. If you like W.I.T. you will be stoked cause they have a split 10” out now with The Code. Like I said, not my thing but if you like the mellow DC type of thing, this would be for you. –Mike Beer

 –guest (A-F)