What Is Punk?: By Eric Morse, 32 pgs. By Indiana Laub

Sep 29, 2015

This is a fun little book intended to serve as (rhyming) curriculum for little punks learning their Punk History 101, or whatever the pre-K equivalent class would be. You know the narrative: Stooges, CBGB, Ramones, all the Brits, all the women, California hardcore, so on and so forth. The real standout in this book is the illustration—artist Anny Yi crafted, posed, and photographed detailed clay models of punks of all kinds (and their guitars, and their studded jackets, and the goddamn Houses of Parliament somehow). It’s basically Sid, Glenn, and Milo meet Wallace and Gromit. There’s some really impressive craftsmanship on display, which adds a lot of whimsical charm to what is otherwise pretty standard fare in the kid-friendly punk market. Very cute, but—like Ramones onesies and baby Doc Martens—it is still probably more for the parents than for the kids. Except the little clay guys; everyone has gotta love those! –Indiana Laub (Akashic Books, 232 3rd Street, Suite A115, Brooklyn, NY11215, akashicbooks.com)

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