What Ben Snakepit Remembers About the Fest: Here's a Hint: It's Not Much!

Nov 15, 2004

Gainesville. The Fest was fucking amazing. We rolled into town greeted by Critical Mass, everyone ringing and honking and cheering us on. We registered at the Wayward Council where they gave us two twelve-packs of Pabst and free meal tickets for everyone from Leonardo's Pizza. (There were so many cute waitresses there, somebody joked that it was like a punk rock Hooters.) Ate some pizza, hung out with the Toys That Kill guy for a little bit. Saw Tony, Var, the Grabass guys, Davey Tiltwheel, Ale, Jack, Amy "Funzilla" Adoyzie, Matt, all the dudes from Floor, and probably some more folks, too. Then the rock started. The Enablers were particularly great, the Tim Version were awesome, and I tried to get in to see Torche, but it was filled to capacity and I didn't get a wristband for the Avalon in time. Oh well. Back to the Sidebar, where I got stoned with Chachi and Jimmy, did some drugs with Ale, and then watched Toys That Kill. They killed, alright. Grabass were sick too, but by then the Sidebar was at capacity and it was too crowded to be any fun. Then we (J Church) played and it ruled. There's nothing like a packed house going nuts at two in the morning. Afterward we went to one of the parties. Gainesville was out of control! Kids were getting arrested left and right, four hotel rooms got evicted for partying, and they all ended up at the house we were partying at. Man, it was rad. I finally passed out around seven in the morning.

Got up at two the next "morning" to hit the barbecue. Hungover isn't a word that can even begin to describe it. A few bloody marys and some BBQ later, I was feeling good, drinking a High Life with Jack and Drew. Said hi to Chad and watched Guerilla Grass play. By the time Whiskey and Co. took the stage, the day show was at capacity and just too crowded to deal with. I put the beers on ice and let them sit in the van to start cooling off. Went to Common Grounds and saw Stressface. They were funny. Had a beer with Funzilla and Abby. Had another beer with Davey. Cometbus showed up. He's the new drummer for This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb. We had a beer together. Toys That Kill got back from the pool party I didn't know about and we got stoned in their van. A nice lady traded me some beers for a Snakepit. Went to the Avalon and saw the Holy Mountain. Good stuff. Then I saw DOVE! Best band of the weekend, hands down. Stuck around forever waiting for Asshole Parade to set up. By the time they played I didn't care anymore. They were pretty weak, anyway. Back to the Sidebar just in time for This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb. More beers with Jimmy and Sean. Vena Cava were awesome, as usual. Billy Reese Peters played, and I hollered and shook my fist and had a great time. Another beer with Abby and Funzilla. A little bit of missing time. Came to while Tiltwheel was tearing up the Sidebar. Show over, time to party. It was Daylight Savings Time so we had another hour to buy beer. The party was a bit more subdued than the previous night. Me and Abby ate street pizza, 'cause we're just that punk. Fireworks, cops, cocaine. Who knows where I went to sleep?

The next morning I had to leave with J Church to play a show in Athens, so I missed all the bands on the third night. I'm sure it was great, though. Happy Halloween!