Jun 06, 2014

Paint It Black are time lords, went on a bender with Adolescents in Orange County 1982, things got hot and heavy, and a child was born. Twenty some-odd years later, that child started its own band and named it Western Addiction. WA released some fantastic hook-laden hardcore punk right after the turn of the millennium with their 7”, split EP with New Mexican Disaster Squad, and LP. Cue eight years later, some line up changes (plus Ken, minus Chicken, plus Sam NMDS/Dead To Me) and punks over thirty are back with three ragers on Fat (but not recorded in that “Fat sound”). Smart and intriguing lyrics (the Agent Orange nod in “Black Salt” had me smiling and singing first spin) backed by power and hooks that can’t quit. “My Opinion Is, I Hate It” wins best song title, but lyrical content propels it way past clever rubric. Pines is worth the wait, but don’t keep us waiting for more. 

 –Matt Seward (Fat)