Wellington Ladies Welfare League, The: Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin DVD

Feb 26, 2007

Kind of a grand title for an eighteen-minute, two-camera live set (or, hopefully for those in attendance, partial live set), but once you see how cute they are you’ll forget all about that. I think it’s four songs but they’re not written down and my attention span can’t keep track for sure. Anyway, how it sounds is sloppy and trebly, sometimes dropping hints of the Germs and Flipper and Screaming Mailboxes Of Destiny, and lo-fi as determined by video camera microphones; not really bad, but the EQ is kind of wack, particularly when someone’s head gets in the way. How it looks is: Terence has a Stratocaster and an afro, Rico plays his bass behind his head for a while and his wallet falls out of his pocket and swings around on the chain, Florian doesn’t do anything exciting (though he did promptly answer a question I emailed him), and Jake has kind of a big head that snarls and sneers and says things like, “If we can catch ‘em and eat ‘em when they’re under ten, you’ll never hear a crying kid in a movie again,” and, “this is our last jiggity-jam jamboree,” and his body takes off its clothes in stages until he’s dancing around in his underpants (boxers, which are funny but not nearly as funny as white briefs would be) and then it falls down on the stage at the end. Despite the videocam sound, the thing presents a charmingly noisy outfit that I hope manages to retain that quality when they get around to proper studio recording. –Cuss Baxter ([email protected]; www.myspace.com/wlwl)